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Parent Club

OLMCS believes that the one of the greatest impacts a parent can make on a child is that of support in their day-to-day lives. Parents can make this impact through participating in the Parent Club. The OLMCS Parent Club supports the school through fundraisers and volunteer hours. Parents of Kindergarten through eighth grade students are required to participate and donate of their time to the school. These volunteer hours assist in keeping the school on budget and our tuition at a lower cost.

Current Officers - *All Officer positions are filled each year at the start of a new school term.

  • President - Trisha Navarro
  • Vice President - Kayla Juarez
  • Secretary - Vanessa Rogers

Parent Club requirements for K-8 parents

*(These requirements are subject to change based on school need).

  • Knights of Columbus Fireworks Booth Assistance (June/July)
  • Festa Take-Out and Activities (September)
    • Shifts to be determined based on number of families
      • At a minimum, each participating family will sell tickets to the take-out.
  • Raffle Calendars (December/January)
    • Each family is required to sell 10 calendars at $35 each
  • Monte Carlo Night (Poker Night) (TBD)
  • Knights of Columbus Fish Fry Assistance (Lent)
  • Spring Festival
    • $250 in event tickets/raffle tickets
    • One 2 hour shift