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Diocesan School Mission Statement

In the Diocese of Fresno, the primary mission of Catholic School Education is to be an effective instrument of the Catholic Church in its ministry of teaching the Gospel message and assisting children to grow into fullness of life in Jesus.

Our Lady of Miracles Catholic School Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a strong faith based education that promotes academic excellence and spiritual growth which emphasize respect and compassion for all.

The ministry of Catholic education at OLMCS is the fulfillment of the educational mission of the Catholic Church which has as its primary goal the continuous formation of the Christian person, and the world with a global perspective for a peaceful and sustainable future.

OLMCS is a unique environment in which students can experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our focus is on the individual person's spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development. At this school, students, teachers and staff are drawn to proclaim the good word, to unite in worship, to respond to the needs of the community through fellowship and social justice and to serve all people through the sharing of their spiritual gifts.

Intellectually, students are challenged to work to the best of their abilities. OLMCS is proud to offer a rigorous curriculum that allows our students to study the world around them, appreciate diversity and become critical thinkers. Students are provided opportunities to develop enhanced academic skills, physical skills, pursue knowledge and critically analyze the world in which they live, all in a safe learning environment.

The effective Catholic school must call its students to the conviction that people are more important than success; that love is more important than esteem; and that collaboration unites while competition divides. A successful Catholic school student is not necessarily one who is successful in every endeavor, but one who accepts Christian responsibility for fulfillment of personal potential and shares these gifts with others.

Our Lady of Miracles Catholic School Vision Statement

*All OLMCS students will be reading at or above grade level at the conclusion of each school year.

*All OLMCS students will achieve mastery of Math Power Standards at or above grade level at the conclusion of each school year.