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At Our Lady of Miracles Catholic School, an educational ministry of The Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles, believe that providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum in a Christ centered atmosphere will help each OLMCS student grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Understanding that parents are the primary educators of their children, we are committed to working with parents to ensure each student has the necessary foundation to become an effective spiritual leader and a globally responsible citizen. We believe that by instilling the Catholic values listed in the Student Learning Expectations, and by providing liturgical and Gospel-rich traditions, each OLMCS student will be empowered to make choices rooted in love.

Our Lady of Miracles Catholic School endorses the call of the Catholic Bishops of the United States to express its educational ministry through the objectives of personal spirituality, social justice, and a strong academic program in accord with the Curriculum Guide for Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Fresno.

  1. We believe in the inherent dignity and intrinsic worth of each individual child from the moment of his/her existence until the moment they are called home to the Father. At no time in their lives are they more in need of our concern and supportive, loving guidance than during their early educational years.
  2. We believe that only in an atmosphere of love and acceptance can each child grow and develop into their divinely-ordained potential. It will be our aim to give these children, who are entrusted to our care the kind of love and education that takes no shortcuts when striving to provide all that is for the genuine good of each individual child.
  3. We will make it our specific aim to pass on to the children all the treasures of our Roman Catholic Faith and heritage. For those children who are not of our Faith, we will endeavor to develop in them a strong sense of Christian morals and openness to the concept of loving Christian service.
  4. With the parents who are the first teachers of their children, we will strive to send into the future young people with a solid, well-rounded educational background, strong morals, a genuine appreciation of the family structure, and—most of all—students who can preach the Word by bearing witness to it.