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Faculty and Staff

Name Position
Mrs. Julie Barcelos Principal
TBD Director
Mrs. Cindy Ribera Secretary
TBD Bookkeeper
Mrs. Joleen Dores Pre-Kindergarten Director
Mrs. Misty Machado Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Payal Nunes Pre-Kindergarten Aide and P.E Teacher
Mrs. Susana Lopez

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Elizabeth Alves



1st Grade

Mrs. Theresa Drumonde

2nd Grade

Mrs. Lacey Jones

3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Kathy Silva 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Mary Beth Roe 6th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Pacheco 7th/8th Teacher
Mrs. Linda Camboia Librarian
TBD Opportunity Teacher/Resource
Miss Elizabeth Rodriguez Yard Duty & Extended Day Program Instructor
TBD Aide
Extended Day Program Instructor