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The curriculum stresses academic achievement within a Christian community where the child feels that he/she is loved and respected by his/her peers as well as the teachers. Texts approved by the Unites States Catholic Conference of Bishops are used so that our theology is in compliance with the bishops of the world. United with each other in meaningful liturgy and prayer, the students can further come to an understanding of the Christian life. At OLMCS, we are attempting to "teach as Jesus did."

Our Lady of Miracles Catholic School offers students opportunities for growth in the following major subjects:


OLMCS provides a religious education program containing Bible study, Catholic doctrine and tradition, Social Justice, as well as preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

Students attend Tuesday morning parish Masses. School masses are held once a month during the Sunday morning English service. During the Lenten season, the children participate in the Stations of the Cross. During the month of May, special devotions honoring the Blessed Mother are conducted. An additional Sunday Mass is held and recognized as a family Mass for all families associated with Our Lady of Miracles Church and School.

Students in K-8 use religion curriculum from the Sophia Institute. Pre-K students are taught from the Stories of God’s Lovecurriculum.

Family Life instruction is required at all grade levels by the Diocese of Fresno. Parents may request that their children be excused from instruction that involves explicit information. Parents will be notified and informed of unit content prior to unit instruction. Parents desiring this exclusion must notify the teacher in writing about the exemption.

Students in grades 2-8 take the ARK Religious Test in the Spring.

Students are required to be present at religion class and any activities of a religious nature taking place during school hours.

Computer Literacy

The school has Chromebooks which integrates curricular subjects. Keyboarding and Computer skills on grade level are taught to students in third through eighth.

Fine Arts

Music, visual arts, and performing arts are taught to all students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth.


Students in grades kindergarten through second learn to print in legible manuscript. Students in grades third through eighth are taught cursive handwriting. Handwriting is part of the English/Language Arts curriculum.

Language Arts

Students in grades K-5 use Journeys curriculum for spelling, grammar, writing, language and reading. Students in grades 6-8 use Collections.


Students in grades kindergarten through eighth are taught mathematics skills using the Eureka Math! and HRW text books, computer programs and manipulatives.

Physical Education

The physical fitness program is appropriate for each grade, kindergarten through eighth.


Students are taught general sciences with science experiments using the only curriculum aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), ScienceFusion.

Social Studies

Students in K-5 use Studies Weekly curriculum; grades 6-8 use History Alive!