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Student Learning Expectations

A Student Who Values Learning And Catholic Education

A Student Who Recognizes The Importance Of Good Stewardship

A Student Who Lives Out The Gospel



We at OLMCS, an educational ministry of The Shrine of OLMCS, believe that providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum in a Christ centered atmosphere will help each OLMCS student grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Understanding that parents are the primary educators of their children, we are committed to working with parents to ensure each student has the necessary foundation to become an effective spiritual leader and a globally responsible citizen. We believe that by instilling the Catholic values listed in the Student Learning Expectations, and by providing liturgical and Gospel-rich traditions, each OLMCS student will be empowered to make choices rooted in love.

"...May He give you the power through His Spirit for you hidden self to grow strong..."

Ephesians 3:16-17


Contact Info

Our Lady of Miracles Catholic School
370 Linden Ave
Gustine, CA 95322
Phone: (209) 854-0017